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Current Projects

Our group has ongoing technology development and services occurring in Forestry and Environmental sectors.  We are always looking for challenging problems that require innovative solutions that challenge the status quo. 

Secwepemcúl'ecw Restoration and Stewardship Society 

-Habitat Rehabilitation and Carbon Sequestration Project:

  • Project Size = 10000ha (24,700 acres)

  • Status: In Development

-Restoration of degraded forest lands in B.C. to enhance forest carbon sequestration and rehabilitate the soil.​

-The Innovatree group is working with the SRSS to develop a carbon sampling and monitoring program focused on the restoration of the 191865ha Elephant Hill Wildfire Area. The program is being developed to incorporate First Nation values, biodiversity, and carbon offset credits that can be used in both the compliance and voluntary markets. 

Forest Landscape

AIB Innovation Ltd. Soil Carbon Sequestration Project

  • Project Size: 4400 tCO2e/year

  • Status: In Development

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